Northern Territory Government

Northern Territory Budget 2017-18

2017-18 Budget Papers


The Treasurer’s speech to the Legislative Assembly describes the Northern Territory Government’s budget strategy and key features of the 2017-18 Budget together with the Bill presented to Parliament outlining appropriations for 2017-18.

Budget Strategy and Outlook

Includes a discussion of the Government’s fiscal strategy, the fiscal outlook for 2017-18 and the forward estimates period, and an overview of expenditure and revenue initiatives in the Budget.

Agency Budget Statements

Detailed information about agency budgets, grouped by Ministerial portfolio.

The Infrastructure Program

A summary of the Government’s infrastructure program for all budget sector agencies, as well as descriptions of 2017-18 capital projects for each agency.

Budget Overview

Key features of the 2017-18 Budget.

Northern Territory Economy

Detailed assessment of the Territory economy, including recent performance, growth prospects, employment, population, trade, Australian and international economic conditions. Also includes a chapter on the performance and outlook for major Territory industries.

Northern Territory Economy Overview

Overview chapter of the Northern Territory Economy paper.

Regional Highlights

Government’s initiatives, programs and expenditures in the 2017-18 Budget detailed by region.