What infrastructure projects are included in the budget

BP4 The Infrastructure Program

BP4 outlines the government’s infrastructure works planned for the budget year, new and continuing (revoted) capital projects, as well as capital grants and repairs and maintenance. It includes descriptions of projects and the sources of funding for each project, by agency.

  • Capital works are building and engineering works that create an asset, for example, constructing health clinics, roads and public housing.
  • Capital grants are provided to fund construction of or upgrade assets owned, or will be owned once constructed, by non-government entities.
  • Repairs and maintenance works are projects undertaken to maintain existing assets in working condition, keep an asset functioning at its required capacity and not enhance the asset or extend its useful life in a significant way.

The headline figure used to measure the annual infrastructure program is total infrastructure payments’ and is reported in BP4 Table 1.

BP4, Table 1: Total infrastructure payments

  2021-22 Budget
General government  
Capital works 2 7601 9522
Northern Territory funded   400
Externally funded   552
Capital grants   923
Repairs and maintenance   2154
Infrastructure-related expenses   15
Total general government 1 2745
Public non financial corporations  
Capital works   243
Repairs and maintenance   102
Total public non financial corporations 3456
Total infrastructure payments 1 6197
  1. Total value of all projects, including new and revoted major works and minor works.
  2. Funding to be spent on projects in a financial year.
  3. Funding provided to external entities to construct or upgrade assets that are not owned by government.
  4. Operational expenses allocated directly to construction agencies to maintain government assets.
  5. Operational costs that relate to the whole of government infrastructure program, including investigations, master planning, project development, design works and consultancy costs.
  6. Total expenditure by Power and Water Corporation, Territory Generation and Jacana, aimed at improving and maintaining reliability of power, water and sewerage services. Also includes Land Development Corporation expenditure.
  7. This is the headline figure used to report the value of the annual infrastructure program. It represents total infrastructure-related expenditure across government sectors.