How do the budget’s financial projections compare to those previously published by the Territory Government

Comparisons are made in BP2 Budget Strategy and Outlook with the last budget (tabled in November 2020).

BP2: Budget Strategy and Outlook

Chapter 2: Fiscal outlook outlines factors and considerations contributing to any material differences between the budget and previous financial projections published by the Territory Government. The chapter includes reconciliation tables that illustrate key policy and non-policy factors that have affected financial projections.

Policy factors include new funding commitments made by government, savings and revenue-raising measures and additional capital works commitments.

Non-policy factors are measures outside the control of government, such as variations to the timing of expenses, interest revenue, taxation collections and mining royalties.

Table 2.3 summarises the effect of policy and non-policy changes on the non financial public sector’s fiscal balance since the 2020-21 Budget published in November 2020.

BP2, Table 2.3: Non financial public sector fiscal balance – policy and non-policy changes since 2020‑21 Budget

OutcomeBudget Forward estimate
  $M $M $M $M
2020-21 Budget - 2 450- 1 713- 1 136 - 938
Policy changes - 50 - 151 - 128 - 49
Non-policy changes 627 507 51 180
2021-22 Budget- 1 873- 1 356 - 1 215 - 807