What other financial publications are released by the Territory Government

In addition to publishing the Budget, typically in May of each year, the government produces the following financial publications with updated budget projections and actual financial results:

  • Treasurer’s Quarterly Financial Report – presents the year to date financial results for each quarter of the financial year, compared to the latest published budget.
  • Treasurer’s Annual Financial Report – summarises the actual final financial results for government for a financial year to the end of June, and provides an assessment compared to the approved budget.
  • Mid-Year Report – published in each financial year (usually November, around half way through the financial year) to provide an update on the economic and fiscal outlook for the Territory. It incorporates material variations that have occurred since the original budget.

These reports, as well as the Territory budget, are published in accordance with meeting all the requirements of the Fiscal Integrity and Transparency Act 2001 (FITA) and the Financial Management Act 1995.